This is for players of Un’Altra Terra to say which days/times work best for them. All times are in PST.

This is how this works. Evening means 6-8PM; Night means 8-10PM.

  1. Put a X for times that are good for you.
  2. Put a x for times that can work for you, but maybe not always.
  3. Put a # for times that do not work for you.
  4. Put your name in the list of VOTED.
  5. The time with the most Xxs wins!
Days Votes
Sunday evening #XX
Sunday night #XX
Monday evening XX#
Monday night XX#
Tuesday evening xx#
Tuesday night xX#
Wednesday evening X##
Wednesday night #XX
Thursday evening XXX#
Thursday night XXxX
Friday evening #xX
Friday night #x X
Saturday afternoon xXX
Saturday evening #XX
Saturday night #XX


  • Sean
  • Heflin
  • Matthew
  • Sam
  • Person 5
  • Person 6


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