The Kingdoms:

Corleones is the country of the west. Tattaglia is the eastern country. Those cities that are not part of the two countries are self governed and no one’s bothered to try and assimilate them. Yet.

Corleones is a democratic monarchy. People vote for their kings and at the end of their term a new one is elected. However, after the last election, the full awareness of just how democratic the country is came into the light. The previous king, Mancino Corleones, was a devout follower of Bambi and claimed through divine will that the age for voters should be lowered to 10. “Children are as much citizens as adults and should have free say in the matter of their ruler.” This was taken openly and didn’t seem to bother anyone. Upon the election year the capital’s basic educational center had a field trip for a class of students age 10 and over to go and vote together as the idea of their teacher. One 11 year old student, Rossi, offered all her classmates cupcakes if they would vote her as the new queen. So they did.

It turns out that these children were the only ones who bothered to vote during that year. As a result Rossi was voted queen to a surprised and bewildered country (except for the children). The day after her inauguration she promptly had her guards send a batch of cupcakes to her school, thus making her the only politician in history to fulfill the promises made during their campaign.

As young as she is she’s still smart enough to know stupid and bad things when she sees it. Ask her why they are that way however and she’ll answer, “I dunno. Because it is?” Since she began her rule recess has been extended to half an hour and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are to be made without the crust only. There’s also been a rise in the toy and doll markets while the castle is currently being painted pink.

Tattaglia is run by a 12 man senate that is usually elected when an election is called for but there hasn’t been an election in over 35 years. No one’s desired to elect new members to the senate since those 12 men absolutely hate each other, causing any agreement to be impossible. Thus, nothing is ever changed which is just what the country wants. They believe it is better for those men to squabble endlessly so the people can get on with their lives in peace. However, some senior members are getting close to retired via fatality.

Main Cities and Arcana:

Cenfiumi: The city is located at the point where two rivers meet to flow south. Each river bed side is a different district- Arcane, Residential, and Commercial. The Commercial is on the north side, where the main market square being the center where the two rivers combine. Within the Arcane district lies the Arcane Academy, the center of all magical study on Terra. Nearby the Academy is the Mana Overflow Observers office and the Senate Building.
Bagnato: The western capital is surrounded by a stone wall and on a hill. The castle is in the center and surrounded by a smaller ring wall. Even though there isn’t an Academy, Bagnato does have great educational centers and schools. There is also a MOO office located near the castle’s outer wall.
Reform Thaumatologist Citadel: Overlooking Ground Zero is a monastery and laboratory for the Reform Thaumatologists. The place is off limits to nonmembers with exception of merchants (on occasion). They have the manners to ask questions first before shooting trespassers.
Arcane Academy: The Academy is ruled by a Headmaster and several members of the Patron rank. The current Headmaster is Terivon Marsiloni. Little is known about him as he almost never leaves the Academy grounds. Prospective students go through a long series of tests before being admitted. Their schooling can take anything from six years to life, as long as they can pay the tuition. There is a ‘Study Abroad’ program which allows students to leave the Academy for some odd years before returning with whatever they have learned. This is often the more favored program since the younger students dislike being locked into the dusty building and the teachers don’t have to bother with the students.

Greater Mana Zones:

Ground Zero: The largest, most dangerous Mana Zone on Terra. It is guarded on the west and east sides by a military outpost and city. These cities are not populated by anyone but MOO scientists and kingdom guards. The dangers of the zone are random but mostly fatal. Within the epicenter is a storm of pure Mana.
Site 51: Located northwest of Cenfiumi this Mana Zone is constantly aflame within a forest. The fire does not set fire to anything outside its zone but the heat is intense.
Site 08: Located on the southern shore west of the Tattaglia Bay. This zone is dangerous in that it is not visible to the naked eye however anything that enters the zone will suffocate as there is no air located within. Safer to say, the zone sucks the breath from anything within.
Site 29: West of Bagnato and its lake this Mana Zone isn’t dangerous, but is it constantly flowing water out into the lake which is made almost purely of Mana. Its drinkable and doesn’t have any known side effects.

Mana Zones are ranked between 1-5 with 5 being greater concentration. They aren’t ranked in terms of deadliness but in the potency and size of the Mana Zone.
Rank 1: Little to no Mana noticeable, very localized area.
Rank 2: Sufficient Mana to have effects.
Rank 3: Large Mana with obvious alterations, size of a village or small city.
Rank 4: Mana Zone able to be sensed from good distance, often miles wide.
Rank 5: Mana Zone seen for miles, occasionally audible and size is over a day travel across or more.
Ground Zero is the only Rank 5 Mana Zone at the moment. If there were any others they’d be very easy to have seen before.


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