Important People:

Queen Rossi I:
The previous king, Mancino Corleones, was a devout follower of Bambi and claimed through divine will that the age for voters should be lowered to 10. “Children are as much citizens as adults and should have free say in the matter of their ruler.” This was taken openly and didn’t seem to bother anyone. Upon the election year the capital’s basic educational center had a field trip for a class of students age 10 and over to go and vote together as the idea of their teacher. One 11 year old student, Rossi, offered all her classmates cupcakes if they would vote her as the new queen. So they did.

It turns out that these children were the only ones who bothered to vote during that year. As a result Rossi was voted queen to a surprised and bewildered country (except for the children). The day after her inauguration she promptly had her guards send a batch of cupcakes to her school, thus making her the only politician in history to fulfill the promises made during their campaign.

As young as she is she’s still smart enough to know stupid and bad things when she sees it. Ask her why they are that way however and she’ll answer, “I dunno. Because it is?” Since she began her rule recess has been extended to half an hour and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are to be made without the crust only. There’s also been a rise in the toy and doll markets while the castle is currently being painted pink.

Tattaglia Senate:
Tattaglia is run by a 12 man senate that is usually elected when an election is called for but there hasn’t been an election in over 35 years. No one’s desired to elect new members to the senate since those 12 men absolutely hate each other, causing any agreement to be impossible. Thus, nothing is ever changed which is just what the country wants. They believe it is better for those men to squabble endlessly so the people can get on with their lives in peace. However, some senior members are getting close to retired via fatality.

Their names are unimportant at the moment.

The Gods of Un’Altra Terra:

Zioné: Inspiration and Creativity
Appears as: Usually depicted as a young man with a very long beard and a brush.
Also known as: The Muse, The Inspirer
Worshiped by: Poets, writers, artists and the like

Umor: Laughter and Jokes
Appears as: A large man with bells adorning his entire body.
Also known as: Divine Jester, Great Clown, The Prankster
Worshiped by: Anyone with a sense of humor, jesters

Alcool: Drink and Wine
Appears as: A homely male with hops and grapes hangning from an apron. Usually bearded.
Also known as: The Inebriater, The Eternally Pissed One, Party Guy
Worshiped by: barkeeps, drinkers, alcoholics

Mestieré: Craftsmanship
Appears as: A strong armed man, usually with some facial hair like a moustache.
Also known as: The Great Smith, The Divine Designer
Worshiped by: Smiths, any craftsman

Solé: Sun
Appears as: A thin young man carrying a torch.
Also known as: The Daybringer, Light of the World
Worshiped by: Varied

Luné: Moon
Appears as: A thin young woman carrying a candle.
Also known as: Sister of the Night, Nightwatcher
Worshiped by: Varied

Ombra: Shadows
Appears as: A hooded figure with a very long cloak.
Also known as: The Darkened One, Boogie Man
Worshiped by: Thieves and anyone who likes hiding

Casa: Homes
Appears as: A burly man with a wreath around his head.
Also known as: Hearth Keeper, House Lord
Worshiped by: Home owners, families

Corsa: Travel
Appears as: A lanky man with a walking skill and cloak.
Also known as: The Wanderer, The All-Moving
Worshiped by: travelers, explorers

Besti: Animals
Appears as: A very hairy male with a mane and tail.
Also known as: Beast Keeper
Worshiped by: most sentient animals, breeders, animal trainers

Legno: Woods
Appears as: A tall man with a beard of leaves.
Also known as: Tree Hugger, Watcher of the Woods
Worshiped by: Forest dwellers, nature fans

Vento: Sky
Appears as: A winged man with very long hair.
Also known as: The Higher One, Wind Whisperer
Worshiped by; Sailors, air pilots

Sageza: Wisdom
Appears as: A unisex figure, bald, with very long sleeved robes and a scroll in its hand.
Also known as: The Smart One, All Knowing
Worshiped by: Scholars, wizards, philosophers

Gioco: Fortune
Appears as: A small man with pointed ears and very long fingers.
Also known as: Di Roller, Lad Luck, Lucky One
Worshiped by: Gamblers, anyone desiring good fortune, Chinese food eaters

Specio: Mirrors
Appears as: A cloaked woman with featureless eyes.
Also known as: The Reflector, The Mimic
Worshiped by: Varied

Aliment: Food
Appears as: happy Buddha look a like.
Also known as: The Gorger, All Eater, The Great Chef
Worshiped by: Cooks, competitive eaters

Poteré: Power
Appears as: A large man in a horse shaped helmet carrying a sword and mace.
Also known as: The Brute, Lord of War
Worshiped by: Warriors, soldiers

Muo: Death
Appears as: A thin beautiful woman, usually carrying a small knife.
Also known as: Lady of Death, Life Taker, Final Guide
Worshiped by: Undertakers, people about to die and various others

Viv: Life
Appears as: Similar to Muo but carries a rod.
Also known as: Life Bringer, Breathe of Life
Worshiped by: Everyone who is alive

Canzon: Music
Appears as: An elder man with a harp.
Also known as: Music Maker, The Great Conductor
Worshiped by: Bards, singers, musicians

Raconto: Stories
Appears as: An elder man with a very large book.
Also known as: The Storyteller, Keeper of Great Tales
Worshiped by: Bards, writers, poets

Sonno: Sleep
Appears as: A frizzy haired old man in a very soft robe.
Also known as: Dream Weaver, Lord of Beds
Worshiped by: Varies

Maré: Sea
Appears as: A woman with hair like water.
Also known as: Ocean Lady, Mistress of the Sea
Worshiped by: Sailors, fishermen

Pellamé: Secrets
Appears as: A faceless entity.
Also known as: The Quiet One, Silent God
Worshiped by: Varies

Bambi: Children
Appears as: A child of any number of races but always with a crown.
Also known as: Littlest God, Young Guardian
Worshiped by: Kids, some parents

Oltré: Past
Appears as: A tall, long faces man with eyes on the back of his head.
Also known as: Goddess of History, The Before
Worshiped by: Historians, various

Avanti: Future
Appears as: Equally tall long faced man, his eyes are clouded to look at.
Also known as: Farseer, Destiny Maker
Worshiped by: Varies

Abbastanza: Beauty
Appears as: A voluptuous woman with hair covering her face.
Also known as: The Great Beauty, Goddess of Youth
Worshiped by: Women, men who like women

Lingu: Language
Appears as: A pointy chinned and cheeked man with a small beard.
Also known as: He of Many Tongues, All Speeker
Worshiped by: Linguists, translators, scholars

Padré: Fatherhood
Appears: A burly middle aged man with a pipe.
Also known as: Great Father, Father of All
Worshiped by: Dads

Madré: Motherhood
Appears as: a homely woman, arms often outstretched
Also known as: Mother of Man, She Who Must be Obeyed
Worshiped by: Moms

Pietra: Rock and Stones
Appears as: A small woman with gemlike hair.
Also known as: Heart of the Earth, Stone Goddess, Jewel of Heaven
Worshiped by: Miners, jewelers, earthdwellers

Fuoco: Fire
Appears as: A strong looking man in a robe that imitates fire.
Also known as: The Bright One, Flaming God
Worshiped by: Almost everyone


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