999 years ago, the population of the world Terra escaped imminent global destruction by magically transporting every living being to a new planet. The event is known as the Great Transfer. This was all well and good, millions of lives were saved, however the results of such great power created an over abundance on magical energy upon the new world, effectively causing a lot of chaos and new creatures to take form from the raw loose magic. The new world is commonly referred to as Terra as well but when discussing the two worlds at the same time the current Terra is called Un’Altra, or Un’Altra Terra.

For over nine centuries the people have had to live along side areas of saturated active magic, currently referred to as Mana Zones, which can range from small pockets to huge leagues of magic storms. The largest of course being the location of the appearance of the transportation all those years ago. This place is known as Ground Zero. It is, for good reason, guarded to keep people from getting in as well as anything that appears within from getting out.

Among other historical and important events that every person knows is the splitting of the Arcane Academy about 50 years ago. While the exact details are unclear it is understood that a lot of wizard and such wanted to use the Mana Zones for the obtaining of power and such while there others thought “no that’s too dangerous.” This debate has been going on for centuries within the Academy with no real outcome. There was a lot of shouting and debates before the group split off and formed their own school somewhere in the eastern mountains, overlooking Ground Zero. These wizards are known as Reform Thaumatologists. Most people think they’re crazy but with any cult-like group they also get a lot of recruits. Not long after that the Mana Overflow Observers (or MOO) was created to help monitor and discover Mana Zones with financial backing from the Academy. Both groups are currently hiring adventurers to help with their work.

As for the races there isn’t a lot to say. You can find settlements of varied races all over, but larger and more known cities and kingdoms are multi-ethnic. These kingdoms were carried over from the previous Terra and mapped out prior to the transportation, saving a lot of time and invariably a lot of lives. While conflicts between nations still occur there have not been any wars for far longer than anyone can remember. There are supposedly some books in the Academy library but no one’s bothered to look for it. It would only entice racist feelings.


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