Un'Altra Terra

Episode One:

Of MOO and Men

Our brave heroes have taken their first steps as employees for MOO. Arriving in Cenfiumi, the party to start (Dar, Stovial, and Artizahn), met with Lines who after a day was able to give them their first carrier job – however a small run-in with a gnome at the Inn during the night saw Dar throwing the would be thief out a window and Stovial getting what Artizahn revealed as the One Ring of great power, although Stovial didn’t believe a word of it.
Dar did.

They were given a prototype machine to offer some scientists at a workstation not far out of the city, but before the party could leave the device was stolen by none other than the little Gnome and several mercenaries from R.T. but they had come with the mysterious R.T. weapons known as Senza Soldiers, beings of human appearance and pure mana. They manage to defeat them but there was no hope of getting the device returned.

With their first mission for MOO a half failure, they return to Cenfiumi.


Wait! Why are we returning to Cenfiumi? I want to track down the gnome! Go Lonny, go!

Episode One:

Lonny got distracted.

Episode One:

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