Un'Altra Terra

Episode Two:

Where There's Smoke

Upon returning to MOO in Cenfiumi there was an accidental explosion with a copy of the device the gnome stole. Lines, ever exasperated when trying to talk to Dar, sent them off on a rumor of trouble in the city of Darn.

The hunting village is near a nice Mana Zone that makes their game fat and slow but had caused kobolds to move into the area and start hunting for themselves. The party decided to help out by getting rid of the monsters.

While in the Inn, Dar had a nice chat with some Reform Thaumatologists who happened to be there for the same reason. Although their attempts of intimidation didn’t fully work out they weren’t bothered by their interference in their task. Presumably so they didn’t get defecated on by Dar’s pig anymore.

Within the cave many kobolds met their end to the adventurers and when it came to their chief and his guard they were easily dispatched by the mighty blade of Leonhardt, who having teamed up with them only recently has proven himself worthy in the eyes of Dar (which means he probably won’t get shit on by Lonny), in a dazzling display of swordplay and footwork.

Weary and tired (with used up Dailies and and Action Points) they returned to Darn to rest.



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