Un'Altra Terra

Episode Three:

After the success in Darn, Lines has decided to form a new department of MOO called the Public Relations of Defense or PROD. However in order to operate efficiently MOO will need an increase in pay. Within the Arcane Academy the players (mostly Artizahn) managed to convince the egotistic and vain Patron Dawes to allow an increase of MOO funding. Now with the promise of a better salary the party was sent to Grondaia to investigate the rumors of a new Mana Zone.

While traveling south they were accosted by bandits lead by the charismatic, insane, and delusional Sparrow Hat and his Jolly Men (Small Jim, Pip and Pop, and others). Seeing Artizahn as a fair maiden needing rescuing from the beast Dar, Sparrow and his men attacked.

After a sound beating and the forceful intimidation of Leonhardt, Sparrow Hat surrended and was convinced that Dar was in fact their slave and that Artizahn was not being held captive. Sparrow Hat, ever smitten by Artizahn’s womanly charms left them alone and the party was able to reach the port city without further trouble.

After speaking with the boat-master for directions and a quick break in the Salty Maiden (a tavern not a real woman you pervert) Leonhardt was confronted by a youth who claimed that the fighter was a powerful evil vampire lord that had destroyed his village and made off with all the women. Leonhardt proved otherwise but made it his mission later to look into the matter. When the party reached the shipwreck they discovered a strange Mana device that caused blindness if it was not covered by mere cloth. There was no sign of any crew members so what truly happened on that ship is yet to be revealed. But with the arrival of some gruff looking Reform Thaumatologist mercenaries claiming the device theirs chances are they are involved. The mercenaries were easily dispatched despite the attempt to flee from the brutal party. They returned to the port to rest.

[The heroes have now risen to Level 3 at the end of this session]

Loot So Far

Episode Two:
Where There's Smoke

Upon returning to MOO in Cenfiumi there was an accidental explosion with a copy of the device the gnome stole. Lines, ever exasperated when trying to talk to Dar, sent them off on a rumor of trouble in the city of Darn.

The hunting village is near a nice Mana Zone that makes their game fat and slow but had caused kobolds to move into the area and start hunting for themselves. The party decided to help out by getting rid of the monsters.

While in the Inn, Dar had a nice chat with some Reform Thaumatologists who happened to be there for the same reason. Although their attempts of intimidation didn’t fully work out they weren’t bothered by their interference in their task. Presumably so they didn’t get defecated on by Dar’s pig anymore.

Within the cave many kobolds met their end to the adventurers and when it came to their chief and his guard they were easily dispatched by the mighty blade of Leonhardt, who having teamed up with them only recently has proven himself worthy in the eyes of Dar (which means he probably won’t get shit on by Lonny), in a dazzling display of swordplay and footwork.

Weary and tired (with used up Dailies and and Action Points) they returned to Darn to rest.

Episode One:
Of MOO and Men

Our brave heroes have taken their first steps as employees for MOO. Arriving in Cenfiumi, the party to start (Dar, Stovial, and Artizahn), met with Lines who after a day was able to give them their first carrier job – however a small run-in with a gnome at the Inn during the night saw Dar throwing the would be thief out a window and Stovial getting what Artizahn revealed as the One Ring of great power, although Stovial didn’t believe a word of it.
Dar did.

They were given a prototype machine to offer some scientists at a workstation not far out of the city, but before the party could leave the device was stolen by none other than the little Gnome and several mercenaries from R.T. but they had come with the mysterious R.T. weapons known as Senza Soldiers, beings of human appearance and pure mana. They manage to defeat them but there was no hope of getting the device returned.

With their first mission for MOO a half failure, they return to Cenfiumi.


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